REELOQ is “most promising project” of “GRÜNDUNGSGARAGE Vol.XI”

by Feb 5, 2019Overall, Q-Success Stories

We can proudly announce that REELOQ was voted as “most promising project” by the audience and therefore won the Vol. XI of the academic start-up accelerator “Gründungsgarage”. After one semester of hard work and constantly improving business-ideas the teams presented their projects in a short pitch. The audience included decision makers from economy, politics and society. 

Special thanks to the team of the “Gründungsgarage” and all mentors, without all the support we wouldn’t be as far as we are now!
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Gründungsgarage” is an academic-startup-acceleartor which supports 10 startup-ideas each semester. A network of mentors helps to develop those wide spread business-model further. High quality workshops transfer important knowledge, which is necessary to successfully start a business. Right now Gründungsgarage has its 11th volume and helped many famous alumni like Studo, Timeular, and Aushilfspersonal24 to take off with their brilliant ideas.

Visit the website for further information.

PS: Application for Volume XII for the “Gründungsgarage” is now open! Apply now and take off with your idea.

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