How to mount REELOQ: A short overview

by | Mar 2, 2019 | How to - Q, Overall


The multifunctional mounting plate gives you many opportunities for mount your REELOQ (with GoPro attached) . This short article should give you a quick overview and some mounting examples.



The Mounting-GUIDE

Below we put together some examples of mounting positions. Feel free to leave a comment below and tell us how you would mount REELOQ.

– Velcro-straps

Just put your REELOQ on the backpack-thong by using the Velcro-straps. Just find a suitable loop for the straps to make sure that REELOQ stays in place.




PRO-TIP: Mounting on a Backpack gives you two BIG advantages:


1. You can use REELOQ as a standard GoPro mount to capture your adventures “like a bodycam”

2. Perfect moment for a selfie? Quickly unlock REELOQ and use your GoPro. Because of the cord-locking-mechanism you can use it without restriction. And of course, your GoPro is always secured with the retractable cord.

– Backpack-straps

Another possibility is to put REELQO on a backpackthread. Either…

… directly in front of you or …

… more down to your hips.


Directly in front you gives you the advantage to get the best shot when recording videos during sports.  Sometimes it makes more sense to have your GoPro right at your hip. 


– Belt

Putting your REELOQ on a belt can’t be easier. Just put it through the mounting-plate and you are ready to go.



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